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Make a difference. For your clients. For our agency.

We look for real characters who know their strengths and want to grow with us and shake things up. If you like to think big and don't mind hard work – come to Klenk & Hoursch. If you know when to kick it up a notch and when to take it easy – come to Klenk & Hoursch. If you take responsibility and commitment seriously, but are also able to laugh at yourself every now and then – come to Klenk & Hoursch.

Speaking of fun... of our six core values, two are particularly important: quality and fun. Great clients and exciting projects are of course fun. As are winning awards, exchanges with partner agencies abroad, off-sites on Lake Maggiore, Christmas parties, team evenings and the like. But most important are the people you work with every day. This is where fun becomes part of the agency’s culture. Where we get better and evolve.

Daniel J. Hanke explains which types are sought after by Klenk & Hoursch (Video in German)

Questions about your career with us? Talk to us:

We offer challenging work, exciting clients, award-winning consultancy

  • hhallenging tasks
  • the environment of a leading owner-managed communications consultancy
  • international client projects, international partner network
  • performance based salary
  • diversity, fairness, freedom
  • exceptional career opportunities and potential partnership
  • transfusion – our own education and training program
  • a structured onboarding period
  • a mix of new, established and own methods
  • a mentoring program to ensure best development

We look for ambitious, hungry consultants who want to be amongst the best

  • people, who want to keep learning – be it junior or senior
  • a passion for communication, both new and traditional media
  • strategic intelligence
  • willingness to provide a high level of service and a hands-on approach
  • team play
  • creativity and flexibility
  • speed and precision in execution
  • Bachelor or Masters graduates (preferably from communications studies, but applications from lateral entrants with different academic backgrounds are welcome)
  • very good level of written and spoken English
  • and last but not least, people who can identify with our values

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