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HealthCare & Medical Technology

Understand and explain complexity

Complex, highly regulated in many areas and incredibly diverse – this is exactly why we love health communications! We dig deep into healthcare topics to understand the needs of physicians, patients, nursing staff, clinic managers, laboratory technicians and many more.

Market knowledge, expertise and genuine interest are the precondition for us to provide consulting services at eye level and to develop and implement accurate communication strategies with effective measures. Finding the necessary level of depth of information for experts and abstraction for laymen is what inspires us every day.

From Rx to Healthstyle

Our experience and expertise in the healthcare sector are as

multilayered as the range of topics involved. From media relations with trade and general media, expert positioning, patient and explanatory videos or educational campaigns at the point-of-care to appearances at medical events – we create relevance for your stakeholders on all appropriate channels.

In addition, we boost your business with our years of experience in classic corporate communications: strategic positioning, change communications, crisis & issues management or trainings for executives and experts are among our key strengths.

Strong global partners for even more depth

In order to tackle the challenges in your market in the best possible way, our consultants work together with experts from medicine and law. As a member of the global agency network PROI, we are in close contact with our partners in the PROI Healthcare Practice Group from over 50 countries, from which our clients benefit in cooperation and cross-border projects.

Uwe Wache

Senior Advisor

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